Best Places Online to buy Authentic MLB Jerseys

Its Baseball season and you want to upgrade your wardrobe to include all the latest Major League Baseball fan apparel – especially jerseys. So where do you turn if you want to buy these items on the internet? Do you try the auction sites like ebay?

Let’s take a look at the best places online to buy authentic MLB jerseys. is probably the most well-known source for purchasing jerseys online. The site is well laid-out and they often offer coupon codes for free shipping. You can also get 10% off by signing up on their e-mail list. Jerseys are available for men, women, kids and even baby and they have a section for Authentic – on field jerseys. Look for it under the Sub Department heading. You’ll also see Batting Practice, Throwback, Clearance and Cool Base jersey options. Cool Base jerseys are cool in that they help keep the players cooler in the summer time. The material is lighter and has venting. Look for the Cool Base tag on authentic jerseys of this type.

Authentic Jerseys will have lettering and sleeve and other patches sewn onto the jersey. For quick identification, take a look for the Major League Baseball logo which will be sewn on the back, near the top under the neck line.

Authentic Jersey Pros and Cons

Pro: They are more durable than replica jerseys
Con: They can be pretty pricey
Pro: They are just like the ones major league baseball players wear in the games
Con: They are sized numerically (40, 44, 48, 52) instead of Small, Medium, Large and XL. This can sometimes lead to confusion, so know your size before you shop.

Throwback Jerseys
If you’re ever watching a game played with throwback jerseys, you may notice that they don’t look very modern. These throwback jerseys are often styled to hearken back to the early days of the team. Some of them are downright groovy.

Game Worn Jerseys
These can cost several thousand dollars as they were actually worn by a player during a game. The product description should show the date of the game as well as the name of the opponent. The pricing of these jerseys often have a direct correlation to the amount of the contract signed by the player.

The Fakes
Counterfeit, knockoff and bootleg jerseys are not licensed by Major League Baseball. Their pricing is decidedly cheaper than the authentics but you won’t find all the same features and some of them may not even make it through the washing machine intact.

Replica Jerseys
If cost is a factor in obtaining an authentic jersey, you can opt for a replica. They cost about half the price. What you will notice is that the fabric they are constructed with is not as durable and lettering and patches will likely be ironed on instead of sewn.

Best Places Online to buy Authentic MLB Jerseys

Here are a couple of other great resources for authentic MLB jerseys online:


Majestic Athletic is the maker of authentic MLB uniforms. They are produced in the firm’s Easton, Pennsylvania facility.