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Best Batting Gloves: Choosing the Best Gloves for Baseball

Good batting gloves are crucial for any serious baseball player. A well-fitted pair of gloves is the key to obtaining the right feel and grip to aid in handling the bat or to get a solid swing. When your batting gloves blend in and create a glue-like bond between your hands and the bat then you know you have in your possession a pair of quality gloves.

The following guide provides a few tips on what to look for and the best batting gloves currently available in the market.

Why should you Wear Batting Gloves?

The primary purpose of batting gloves is to offer hitters a consistent and secure grip on the bat handle. They also reduce the shock of making contact with the ball outside the barrel’s spot not to mention the protection from cuts and scratches from sliding on the basepaths. It is advisable for all baseball players especially the newer hitter to always put on a pair of batting gloves.

Selecting the Right Pair and the Best Batting Gloves

A handful of leading companies supply quality batting gloves notably leading the line is the two known suppliers Nike and Franklin with Under Armour closely following the two companies. Other companies include Cutters, Easton, De Marini, Jordan, Louisville, Marucci, Mizuno, Worth and other upcoming sportswear manufacturers.

Why Should You Buy Quality?

  • A player looking to buy some of the cheapest brands should know that cheap gloves are prone to wear out faster than most of the best batting gloves present in the market.
  • Cheap gloves incorporate less fancy stitching which in turn ends in rips and tears.
  • Most cheap batting gloves tend to be thicker, making a firm grip on the bat quite cumbersome.
  • The cheaper brands create sweat build up, and afterward, they become brittle from the dry sweat making them more uncomfortable for the next wear.

So what are the best brands? The following are the batting gloves highly recommended in the market currently:

Nike Batting Gloves

Nike is a trendsetter in sports equipment; their batting gloves are a mark of quality. The popular ones are Nike batting gloves and Nike Jordan batting gloves. Amongst their features include:

  • Thin quality leather that creates a softer feel of the ball.
  • They fit well and have creases on the right spot to allow your hand to bend and move well.
  • They breathe and dry well hence they are durable.

Under Armour Batting Gloves

Under Armour leading brand include Cage and AU Yard batting gloves. They have the following features:

  • Durability
  • They are more stylish and colorful
  • They are a bit thicker and fit well.

Franklin Batting Gloves

Franklin Gloves are one of the highest quality batting gloves in the market; the CFX Pro Series ($29.99) is one example of a high-quality brand having the following:

  • Perfect fitting for a quality grip
  • Thin soft leather
  • Overall breathing capability.

Franklin also features cold weather batting glove for cold seasons.

Other high-quality gloves include the Louisville brand which breaths quite well and has soft, durable leather. The Evoshield batting gloves are also another brand offering good value for money currently retailing at $59.99; they have unique features like pockets for custom molding the hand shield for protection.

Some suppliers like Baseball Rampage have free shipping on orders over$49 and great discounts although they only carry Nike and Under Armour models. For other companies, we recommend Amazon, Baseball Express, and Baseball Monkey. For the best batting gloves, click on the relevant links above to check for current discount codes and online store Coupons.

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